Betfair is coming to New Jersey!

That is according to the splash pages being hosted onets and The splash is a glorious HTML 5 masterpiece with a fun quiz, modern flat design in yellow and black and exciting animation.

The splash page asks visitors to fill in their email address and ZIP code so that the UK-based online betting exchange can keep them up to date with their launch preparations. On your way to the input boxes you can complete a fun online betting quiz, however your results on the quiz are never calculated which is... well disappointing.

To accompany their new splash pages Betfair have also registered @BetfairNJ on Twitter and BetfairNewJersey on Facebook. As social media becomes more and more important for the online gambling industry Betfair seem to be taking the proactive approach from the word go.

All this preparation might, however, been in fain as Betfair are yet to receive their approval to begin operation as of the states launch date. The company is, as a result, taking a fairly significant gamble of their preparations not being in vane.