The financial pressure that is being exerted on almost all print publications has claimed another victim: Poker Player. The poker community publication has been in print for over 30 years and has been distributed in poker rooms throughout the US.

Stan Sludikoff, owner of Poker Player shed some light on the decision to close the paper explaining, the costs to provide the service “have escalated past a point of feasibility in our current business model.” Which, for the purist, translates to online publications are far cheaper and garner a far higher readership and in the interest of profitability that is the avenue we choose to go down. This chain of thought is echoed in Sludikoff’s continued statement: “Accordingly, effective immediately, we will be publishing Poker Player Newspaper exclusively on the Internet at,”

This, however, was not the only bombshell in Sludikoff’s statement as he continued to state, “At this point in my life, given my desire to pass the mantle as well as to work through the economic pressures as expeditiously as possible, I am looking for a working partner/investor or alternatively for a full buyout of my family-based Poker Player business which has operated since 1982,”

It would seem that the future of the Poker Player publication is very much in the air…