One of the more popular sources for current online poker news, PokerNews has been identified by Google as a malware3 ofender. This revelation has come to light as users accessesing the site through the Google Chrome web browsers were shown warning messages when accessing certain parts of the site. The messages informed users that by continuing on to the page that had requested would very likely result in their computer being infected by malware.

Users started to notice the messages on Sunday as posts about the issue started to appear on the TwoPlusTwo forums. A review of Google's safe browsing diagnostic tool reveleaed that although not currently on the suspicious list, the site has been 15 times in the last three months.

Justin Becius, PokerNews CTO announced the company's official response on Monday morning stating:

“On Saturday one user started posting comments which at the time looked like comments with embedded pictures. Our security software failed to flag them as suspicious because they were not distributing malware or redirecting to domains that do,”

Becius continued stating, “Yesterday content of those comments started distributing malware, we’re still working on identifying what the malware does. Last night 01:00 AM GMT the malware was removed and work was started to fix parts of the system which allowed the injection. You may still see warnings because it takes some time for URL to be removed from blacklists.”

With the addition recent closure of one of poker longest running print publications Poker Player, it seems that the world of quality poker realted content is going to continue to be more and more difficult to find.