Severin Rasset the director of poker innovation and operations has released a fresh new update on the upcoming Stars Rewards VIP program on the Pokerstars blog, defining the main changes awaiting the Pokerstars community.

Instead of rewarding players based on volume as in the previous vip program, Pokerstars will be switching to a much more randomized approach. The rewards are so called chests, which players will be collecting during their play. These hold a variety of different randomized prizes such as cash, tournament tickets and packages or simply StarsCoins. The prizes will be tailored to the players prefered games, therefore a cash player will likely receive a prize which benefits him on the cash tables, while an MTT player will likely receive prizes in form of tournament tickets or packages.

StarsCoins can still be used in the VIP Shop to purchase items at the same rate as previously. Players will be able to accelerate their chest collection via boosts, which can be obtained through consecutive play or via missions.

The Stars Rewards program is designed to enable any player to win big, regardless of how much or which stakes they play. Every player has the opportunity to win randomized top prizes, which is another step in the direction of popular lottery style promotions in the modern poker world.