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Atlantas started a new discussion Duck Poker = scum tagged with duck, poker and scum
Hi to all,
as i promised at another thread, i would post about Duck poker when they would accepted my withdrawal or not. Unfortunately is the later.

Long story sort here is what happen:
I took the 5$ no deposit bonus, made them around 40$.. then won a small tournament and made them 132$, so i asked for a cashout.. they said i needed 90 points.. i go the 90 points and ask them again.. after many days hiding from my emails (they even said sorry for the delay), they decide to LOCK MY ACCOUNT without telling me, and without reply to any of my mails asking for reasons.

Many days have past. I dont expect them to reply, since i know i was 100% legit and i send them all the documents they asked, so they can only hide in order to steal my balance.

I hope my experience, will help others not lose their time as i did.
3 years ago  • Comment
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