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There are many new poker apps for private now, and one of the most profitable things to do is hosting your own poker club, however, there is not easy to start by a single host.

I have running online poker clubs for two years already and made some money from that. Now we are planning to start a new union, we got 1000+ asia players for a micro limit game, mainly 0.2/0.4 to 0.5/1 USD, but it is not enough to start a union, so we are going to invite 5 more club owner to run a new union together.

As I am running online poker for two years, I got some connection with those apps, that will give us a free cost for the first few months, if you did run a small online poker clubs, you will be very welcome to join our plan, or we can discuss how we can start your own poker clubs and join the union together,

We have a site "", which is a running club, and if you are interested to know more, you can email us, or find us directly by telegram @Plizzard
3 weeks ago  • Comment