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Nearly 10 years after the sensational death of Diana, Princess of Wales, Brown has managed to offer a fresh, savvy take on a familiar story. Editor of Britain's aristo-centric Tatler when Di was a bride, Brown (later editor of The New Yorker) argues that Diana's exalted status as a Spencer stunted her emotional life and that she was haunted by the dynastic marriage of her mother. Her mom, Frances ("a very sexy girl," said one friend), was used as a broodmare and booted out of the family pile by Viscount Althorp when she admitted to adultery. Believing that she had been deserted, "Diana," writes the author, "sat on the steps week after week, forlornly imagining her mother's return."

Brown uses well-placed sources to tackle questions including whether Charles ever loved his teen bride (yes) and what Di was looking for in her desperate final months: love, but not with Dodi Fayed. What she really wanted, says Brown, was a safe Moncler Outlet place to "nurse her wounds." Juicy and authoritative, this is the ultimate update on the woman the world won't forget.
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Megan McIntyreOctober 13, 2014, 7:00 PMPhotographed by Nicolas Bloise.There are many things lube is known as being good for — like making sexy-time more enjoyable, longer-lasting, and pretty awesome in general. One thing it's not known for? Being an anti-frizz treatment.AdvertisementWell, according to überlube (I swear I'm not making that up), we're all missing out. The brand claims its silicone-based lubricant is an overachiever in and out of the bedroom. In addition to getting your bits all slip 'n slide-y, it's also supposedly the secret stylist trick for smoothing frizz and flyaways. Oh, and you can rub it on your skin Moncler Men Down Vests when exercising to prevent chafing. It's a true Renaissance lube. The James Franco of lubes, if you will.As an intrepid beauty reporter, and someone who's oddly game to try the most bizarre things, I had to test out those claims. Well, two of them: I'll do a lot for you guys, but there's no force on this Earth, save for the zombie apocalypse, that's going to get me to take up running regularly. Even I have my limits.Of course, my experiment needed a control. So, I also picked up a bottle of good ol' Astroglide. Side note: I definitely got a lot of strange stares from people who walked by my desk and saw those two bottles prominently on display among the usual array of lotions, potions, and face spritzes.First up: überlube. Its glass container looks discreet and classier than the usual fare — well, aside from the giant, white letters proclaiming its not-too-discreet name. So, it wasn't something I felt weird about keeping in my bathroom. (Tangent: Where does one keep a multi-use product of this nature? The bedroom? The bathroom? So many questions.) I'm not sure that glass is very practical for the bedroom, though, what with slippery, fumbling hands and the dark.überlube, $18, available at überlube.AdvertisementPhotographed by Nicolas Bloise.I pumped out a few squirts, and I'm pleased to report it has the same consistency as many of the anti-frizz serums Moncler Men Down Jackets I'm used to. Makes sense, since many of them also use silicone for that smoothing effect. I rubbed the product between my palms and then grabbed my hair, sliding my hands down its shaft. (Wait, why does this all of a sudden sound like Fifty Shades of Grey? I'm never going to be able to write a hair Moncler Men Down Coats story again without giggling like a 15-year-old boy, am I? Shaft.)Okay, moving on.
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