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Got myself i nice christmas present today :}
PokerStars Tournament #345010406, No Limit Hold';em
Buy-In: $10.00/$1.00 USD
3678 players
Total Prize Pool: $36780.00 USD
Tournament started 2010/12/25 12:30:00 ET

Dear Niedman,

You finished the tournament in 1st place. A USD 5,777.07 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

Now i start more comfortable in the next year :}
merry christmas everybody Heiko
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Wer spielt denn am 25. Dezember Poker??? Congrats anyway!
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Before a couple of days i finished my supernova quest,the last 8 week i played alot of cashgame most of the time 24 tabling.I lost a lot of money but i wanted the Supernova vip level before christmas.For sure next year it will payoff with the rakeback i will get in the future.
I think i will not play cahgame next year,i dont beat it with the multitabling.And with less tables the rakeback and the winrate will be to small.So i will stick to my sngs and mtts.
This is my graph from the year 2010,my goal in 2011 is 100k.I need a lot of disziplin,lets see if i really can do it :}
Hope you guys will enjoy christmas,we talk in the new year!
cheers everybody Heiko
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Hey man, well you should stop playing cash game at all if you dont beat it! the rakeback even on supernova is just not good enough hope you have a warm and peaceful xmas !Merry christmas und nen juten rutsch <img src=/content/images/emoticons/blink.png /><img src=/content/images/emoticons/blink.png />
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2 years away from home

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Hi everybody,today i will celebrate a little bit because im exatly 2 years away from germany.And im still alive,think also more relaxed.i will meet some friends later and have some fun.I met a lot of interesting and funny guys.My best friend in this 2 years was Jonny Walker lol.
He will be also joining my party for sure :}
Nice weekend to everybody cheers Heiko :}
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Still workink on my leaks!

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At the moment i focus on the cashgames,Nl 100 and 50 is definetly not working for me but i do well on the Fl1-2.I know this are not very high limits but im still in the learning progress.Soon i will move up to 2$-4$.
My Sngs and mtts are still ok and i had a nice hit before 2 weeks.

PokerStars Tournament #338010287, No Limit Hold';em
Buy-In: $5.00/$0.50 USD
4366 players
Total Prize Pool: $21830.00 USD
Tournament started 2010/11/07 9:00:00 ET

Dear Niedman,

You finished the tournament in 1st place. A USD 3,427.93 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

You earned 1,136.61 tournament leader points in this tournament. For information about our tournament leader board, see our web site at

I also had a other small final table with 350$ or something like that.

I need 17k vpp more to reach the Supernova than my goals for this year are cleared and i can relax a bit.
I need some holidays :}

This weekend i will play more mtts again hopefully i can get some extra$$$.
Cheers everybody,enjoy the weeekend !!!
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Its quite impossible to beat FL1/2 Fullring.....Why dont try short-handed?
7 years ago
Maybe you will make the 100k already this year when you continue with that MTT run. <img src=/content/images/emoticons/blink.png /><img src=/content/images/emoticons/blink.png />
7 years ago

Starting soon a 100k challenge

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Hi guys my name is Heiko,playername on Pokerstars is Niedman.Im 31 years old and i got a pokerexperience from 6 years.I think i can say honest that im a professional donk 2 years now :}
I left my country Germany on the 25.November 2008.My first station was Goa in India.I met a lot of very friendly and good people there,which i can call very proud my friends now.Spezial regards to vicky,bobby,sam,kees,Karl,Ahmed and american Michael!!!.You guys gave me always a good laugh and a lot of fun.It was easy to forget good old fuc...... Germany :}

The bad news are,that the inet connections are really bad there (every rain kills the connection)so i lost a lot of money.The good news my pokerskills increased i play only low and microlimits but i increased my tables.
Now i can play with a very good Roi 25-35 tables profitable!!
Check out my stats from this year if you interested :}

Winter 2009 i decided that i cant make my lifing with this terrible internet breakdowns so i changed my home and moved to Thailand.Where i live over 1 year now.It was hard because i miss my friends but it was the only way to make money again.
My bankroll is now recovered and i will use the rest of the year to find my leaks,and get the supernova Vip status.Im not a good cashgameplayer but im on a good way to play minimum break even which give me a very high extrarakeback with the Multitabling.My main income i do with the mtts and Sngs.

I just get out of a long 6 weeks downswing before that i done a 8k cash in against 9k player.Was place 4 at the end.Yesterday i was lucky again.I shipt a 5.50$ sngs again 4k players.There is no month without a final table :}

On the first of January 2011 i will start for myself a challange,try to make 100k in a year with the mix of cashgamerakeback and mtts,sngs it will be possible.I also will give on sunday the major events on stars a shot.

The challenge is only for myself,because im sometimes to lacey,after 2 years of to much celebration and enjoying my life i will get more serious again.
I also try to keep you guys entertained with some nice pictures from this beautiful country,and some gossips and storys from my life.

This blog will start soon.
Cheers everybody Heiko ;}

i appologize for my writhing mistakes(im German) :}
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Hi Heiko, herzlich willkommen hier auf Donkr. Freue mich schon auf Deinen Blog, da ich auch schon Deinen alten gelsen habe. <img src=/content/images/emoticons/blink.png /><img src=/content/images/emoticons/blink.png />Weisst Du was aus den anderen geworden ist bzw. wie würdest Du insgesamt so die Quote an erfolgreichen Pokerauswanderern sehen? Ich könnte mir vorstellen Du hast schon einge kommen und gehen sehen. <img src=/content/images/emoticons/happy.png />
8 years ago
good luck sir <img src=/content/images/emoticons/happy.png />mach mal ein paar bilder von deiner gegend <img src=/content/images/emoticons/happy.png />warum spielst du nicht auf europäischen seiten wo die leute schlechter sind und es mehr rakeback gibt?
8 years ago