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$3705 as free money available to play

10 years ago in category Poker  
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Quick update of this initiative where our objective is to release the maximum amount of free money available at the poker industry.
Right now we manage to extract $3705 and we will continue working on that.
Please have a look - - and join us on this quest!

Good luck at the tables!

P.S. I was banned from my previous post and to be honest with you I dont understand why donkr is against this. This is a great opportunity to get the most out of the free money available and of course in the end on the good players will get a piece of it. The more we are the more moeny will be out there for us! This post will most likely not last more than 5 min. so if you are 1 of the lucky ones who actually read it do me a favour - spread the word and pass it to your friends.
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