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8 years ago in category Poker  
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First time I am writing a blog and for most reason I am going to do it to keep track on my process and keep motivated to continue playing.
I am playing PLO up to PL100 these days- bankroll doesnt allow me to completely stay at that limit so i am mixing a bunch of PLO25-PL50 tables to it... Didn';t played that many hands in PLO so far so I am still quiet new to it... But I';ve got plenty of experience grinding NLHE for long time...

After I took a break I decided to just play PLO and see how far I can go and make money with it.
These days I am also writing the last pages of my master-thesis so I might not be able to spend 24h playing/studying poker. Further as I am going to be an engineer I am not going to depend on my pokerearnings, but my aim is to get a decent amount of money from poker without grinding out to much time... PLO100-PLO200 standard limit sounds good to me...

Anyways... I will define some aims which I try I think is necessary to get on the right track to be a winning regular at the mid-stakes.

- Complete BUGS'; "PLO from Scratch" series to harden my basics of PLO. Especially 3bet pots and knowing/realizing Equity.
- I already watched a couple of DC vids and I am going to continue doing so.
- Grind mainly PLO25/PLO50 to collect sufficient stacks for PLO100, get confidence and beat the limits!
- I am running 34-22 until now, but I will tighten up a little bit more, because of the low limit rake.

Attached is Januar PLO10-100, as you see not to many hands... I think I just played 3-4 days actively...

I wonder what kind of hands do we need to call flop and ch/r or raise on the turn!?

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