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Day 1

9 years ago in category Poker  
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Hi guys,

Here comes some reports from my poker days. Will be a series of posts.

Sitting and counting the money from day one.

Not that fishy opponents yday, so the value was not excellent, but good enough. Not many players that played back at me so I could dominate the game quite well. Blinds 1/2.

No special hands to talk about really. Only fun thing was that i filted 3 Italian players, one after another. They were all friends also. At least they have something more in common now... hehe. Mama mia!

End result was a decent +650 which covers the travel and the hotel, so everything from now is +.

Tonight I will gamble again of course, because it is an tourney also I think --> an a lot of frustrated players who want to win their losses back I hope.

Would be nice to have you guys here. Especially all you fishes...

Take care, TheCafe
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