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Day 3

9 years ago in category Poker  
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Hi dudes,

Yesterday was unfortunately *one of those nights* for me.

I try to make a squeeze play against a guy who has *only* 150 EUR in his stack, but he and another shortstack calls. I have 25off, first has JJ and next one has 44. Board comes 246J4 (at least had a suckout chance on the river *smile*).
The hand directly after I get JJ and after a few limpers call the live straddle of 4 EUR I push all in with 400 EUR (full buy in). I am sure here that I will get called by: all pairs, all A with at least an 8 as a second card, and probably also high Ks. So I like my chances, especially the possibility of getting called with a lower pair is likely. All folds until the straddle who calls for 300 EUR. He has AA. LOL. No help, and I am 450 down.

Then I just dont connect to anything and when I finally do the board is 849 (with two clubs). I have 26 in clubs. I do not really like my holding, but i call a bet of 25 EUR just because I know the bettor is likely to be on a top pair. Turn J of clubs. First guy only bets out 10. I raise to 50. After me a fish raises to 100. Fuuuuukk! What to do here? Straigt or flush? Can he really be so bad that he raises with the straight there? River is a Q of heart. so the board is 489JQ (with three clubs). I check and he moves instant all in for 420 EUR in a 280 pot. TILT. Why overbet? I think for 2 minutes, but cannot see how he has anything else as the flush. So I fold. He shows QT for a straight, no flush. TILT again. Then he mocks me afterwards also for around 5 minutes. He just couldnt let go. Nice guy. haha. He said he will be back next night, so I will set him up then again so he can overbet some more pots with weak holdings.

Then it just continued like that. Last hand I played i hit top pair against a guy who had a 75 % bluff average and I calls his 200 all in on the flop J97. He flopped a set of 9 course. LOL.

Final score was -1100 EUR, hurts a bit, but on the other hand it is cool, variance is always a part of the game.

So, now it is back to the tables again to make up for yesterdays slip up, or was it... Well well, stay tuned, more is coming.

Todays words of wisdom: *It sucks to be on minus. Winning is more fun.*

Ciao Ms Cafe
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