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Day 4

9 years ago in category Poker  
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So, day 4... well, started off with a 50+5 freezeout. 15 players, 3 prices. i bubbled as 4th. not to much to say about that, was a bit lotto in the end.... 350 250 and 150 EUR or so was the prices, so i will survive

Went directly to the CG and checked out the action there. Found 2 swedish and 4 finnish drunks (but good players) with stack depth of ca 2000 EUR each sitting playing 1/2 with a straddle of 5. Since they consumed alcohol like sponges.........a bit dangerous, but i decided to join and play with caution. they were really letting the bombs go, every pot. So the entire night i was just waiting for a good hand that i could play. got involved in a few key pots. one where i flopped a set of Q and got a medium payout and on hand where there was a straddle to 5, re-straddle to 10 and one automatic bet in the dark to 25. This in a 7 player game. first to act raises to 75. i look down on AQ on the button. this hand is surely better than the range of the raiser who has been quite active, but not for sure of course. :/ well, i push all in for 476 EUR and all folds to the raiser who calls.

ha had 99 and we decided to run the board twice.

First flop delivers a Q and my hand hold up.

Second run only has low A on the turn ships the entire pot to mami. Nice win that one. a loss there and my mood today would not have been so good i think. Could be a key pot for future days.

Just having a chilled time folding probaly 95% of the hands pf and just looking at the game (crazy) enjoying a beer or two (we got free beer from the casino, smart move of them. kept the high-rake game going), i left with a profit of +577 EUR. Back on track.

A bit worried about the games though. yesterday was not that good value actually (would probably be if i would play correct poker and raise more pf), but then the swings will e brutal, more in the risk of 5 digit numbers. dont really feel like that........So, how was your holiday? yeah, good, i lost 15k EUR on poker... LOL.

Sum of days: +650 +21 -1100 +577 = +148

Todays word: A free beer always tastes better than the one you pay for, even if you actually rake 20 times its value...

keep signed in. ciao TheCafe
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