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Day 5

9 years ago in category Poker  
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hi guys,

The game started as it continued, pretty careful. My result went a bit up and down, finally it all came down to one pot where the raise was to 12 pf and we where 3 players who saw the flop A23 (two clubs). I bet out 15 with my JT of clubs. The next guy raised to 75. His range here is very wide since he seen some loose plays from me before and he was quite irritated about it). The original raiser from the button showes all in for 210. I play 500 and the other guy 350 (including his 75 raise). Since I think he very well could been doing this play with a weak ace and the button could be on a draw i try to eliminate the last guy by pushing all in. (i still do not know if this is correct, if i hit i win more money, but if i get rid of the A i can also win the pot with an J or T if the other guy is on draw, or i might actually be in the lead with J high... what do you think?). Anyway, the guy folds (with A4). We show cards and I am up against A3. We run the board once and I get no help, but a 4 comes on the turn.... Bad fold by the other guy LOL. He was quite irritated about that.

So, that ended up the night pretty much. Result was -210 EUR. Nothing to say about that. Also considering rake and drinks, i pretty much made a zero game...well almost...must drink more next time to compensate...

Todays words of wisdom: Never fold A4 against two all ins.

ciao TheCafe
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