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Day 7

9 years ago in category Poker  
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Was maybe the best poker played this day. Had to put a lot of focus on the game since i was up against quite good aggressive opponents. luckily there was some fish on the table that compenstated the value to positive.

Had some bad luck running in to the AA again. THis time with limping KK utg and getting a raise to 15 from the next player. He only sat down some hands before, so his hand range is not defined. 3 players call and i see the chance to make it look like a steal. raise to 102 and the original raiser thinks a bit and then pushes all-in 197. all fold to me, call. his AA hold up.

otherwise i am extremely happy with getting value on my river bets this session. A lot of small contributions here and there makes me hold on to a small profit for most of the session.

The key hand comes 05:45 in the morning. 2nd last hand. I have JT offsuit as small blind and calls (like all other 4 players on the table) a raise to 20. Flop is 789 (two hearts). Jackpot. I check it since it is very likely to get heavy action from some of the other players automatically. Oh, yes, our Portuguese friend who had one or two Sagres to much pushes all in for 253 EUR. I think for 2 minutes, and then call. All other fold without holdings that match the board. To bad. Would just someone had a pair of 9 they would have played (crazy game at that time). My opponent has AQ clubs with no club on the board. Well played Mr Sagres... Board blanks.

Profit 434 EUR. Putting me back on + total for the trip, but not by much. Well well, anyway.

Todays words of wisdome: It all comes down to the last day. You are never as good as your last performance...

Take care, Ms Cafe
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