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FIFA 17 FUT Captain

9 months ago in category Business  
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With the arrival of FIFA 17 and I think it would be the greatest game changer for next years game. our site will prepare fifa 17 coins for you. They usually change something from year to year. For example, 14 saw changes in chemistry (no more preferred formation), 15 saw concept squads, 16 saw the draft mode... FIFA 17 will most likely see something new about FUT.

Imagine you could set a captain for your Ultimate Team and he had an orange link to everyone he touches! Think of it like Legends Chemistry this year. He would still have strong links to his team and nationaltys too.

I would love this so much as you could make some really creative squads. It would only be your captain so it wouldn't kill squad building.

Now this would be a good idea, but (as a real captain) it must be someone who stands off like, for example, a player who has already played 30+ matches with your team (if he hasn't reached that milestone yet, he could still be selected as a captain but these bonus links wouldn't apply)

I already can't waiting to play it. What do you guys think?
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