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FIFA 17 New Set Pieces Preview

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Now games designer EA has finally unveiled a new system which makes thrown-ins, free-kicks, penalties and corners a bit more pleasant.

It has announced a "set piece rewrite" which has overhauled this formerly frustrating part of the game. For the upcoming FIFA 17 series, if you want to buy fifa 17 points, our website must be your first choice.

"In FIFA 17 you'll be in complete control of every dead ball situation," EA said in a video to promote the changes.

"The set piece rewrite gives you more creativity, variety and control in the most decisive moments of any match.

"Now you have the freedom to position your player and dictate their approach on dead balls, allowing for a wider variety when taking free kicks and penalties."

You can "step back and control your run up" to send the ball curving into the back of the net, as well as performing a similar trick during penalties.

The run up to kicks will effect the spin of the ball, so players can "keep their opponent guessing".

When it comes to corners or free kicks which fall far away from the goal, you will be able to choose where the ball is going to land and then watch as players make intelligent runs to get themselves in exactly the right position.

Throw ins have also been changed, allowing gamers to move up and down the touchline and even make fake, feint throws to confuse opponents.

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