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Hi there, I am a girl who got stuck on poker by looking over the shoulder of my ex-boyfriend when he was playing. He was (is!) a great guy, but actually the more I understood from the game...I found out that he was actaully not such a good poker player. So, I thought...lets try myself. Played some, and also lost...but got stuck! Its just so fun! :D ****************************** Presently I am hanging around a bunch of other poker addicted people...some are from Sweden, but most of them from Germany and Switzerland. I have 3 of them living in the same building!! A lot of focus on poker of course. Really fun! And...I am a winning player now! Cool!! !CARDS WSOP here I come! **************** I want to keep a busy blog here. I follow quite a lot of blogs around the world. Will try to drop in a comments or two on those also. Then of course I am going to tell you about my great success on the tables! !YEAH Stay tuned!

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Hi Guys, So, after a break from online poker (I am ice cold at the moment) I am really looking for... read more
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